We had seen Carla Ramm work in our neighborhood for many years, so we knew she really knew the area. After 20 years, our home needed a lot before going on the market, especially as it bordered a busy intersection. After we moved into our new home a short distance away (which she helped with), she advised us on what we needed to do to the home and, importantly, what we did NOT need to do. We needed to pull wallpaper and redo all three bathrooms and the kitchen, as well as update fixtures throughout the house. She helped with a General Contractor, painter, plumber, etc., all of whom were excellent. Also helped pick and purchase the new fixtures, brought in staging furniture, and had other suggestions as well, all the while watching our budget. As a result, we spent less than we thought and had multiple full-price offers after the first open house. We closed the sale no more 5-6 weeks after going on market

— Ray